Interview with Faye Kincaid


  • Identifier2020 OH 219
  • InterviewerBegley, Brooke
  • IntervieweeKincaid, Faye
  • DescriptionIn this interview, Faye Kincaid discusses growing up in San Francisco, California and her motivations for joining the Air Force. Kincaid then discusses life in basic training and what is was like to adapt to the rigorous structure and schedule. She comments on her biggest challenges, with those being missing her friends and family, as well as those that relate to her duties as a training manager. Kincaid also discusses the bond that she formed with other service members, the deep friendships that she formed with other single woman at her first base, and she concludes that she was fortunate to have good supervisors that had a positive influence on her throughout her service. Kincaid also discusses the challenges of having to care for children while being active duty and the struggles of balancing life with children while both parents are in the military. She also discusses her desire to be discharged from the Air Force after her daughter’s diagnoses of Asperger’s and the difficulties of finding friends after losing the comradery of the military. Other interview topics include, the impact that her faith had on her life, her regrets of staying in the military after her children were born, her appreciation for being able to serve in the military, and the expanded worldview, patriotism, and appreciation for America that she gained from her service.
  • Duration :36:45
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  • IndexerBegley, Brooke


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