Interview with Michael C. Roy


  • Identifier2020 OH 104
  • Date11/23/2019
  • InterviewerRoy, Nathan
  • IntervieweeRoy, Michael C.
  • DescriptionMicheal C. Roy details his time in the United States Naval Reserves duing the Vietnam War. In particular, Roy covers his reasons for joining the Navy, being stationed on a WWII destroyer and the state the ship was in upon arriving, being an engineer on the USS Kitty Hawk, as well as being in he Gulf of Tonkin during the conflict. Roy also discusses his commanding officer's "God-like" personality, what is was like to be under threat from the North Vietnamese, his witnessing the Kitty Hawk Riots, his near assualt during the riots, and his evenetual witness testimony at the Kitty Hawk Riots court martial trial. He also discusses his work with NASA and the space progam, as well as his work in a laboratory in Iowa.
  • LocationMorris, MN
  • Duration1:47:45
  • RestrictionsNone
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“Interview with Michael C. Roy,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed July 14, 2024,