Interview with Jean True


  • Identifier1987 OH 012
  • Date11/12/1986
  • InterviewerJones, Harold
  • IntervieweeTrue, Jean
  • DescriptionThis is an unrehearsed taped interview with Jean Stoker True, Alumna of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School. Mrs. True discusses her years at Eastern and the important influences of the University on her life.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration:46:29
  • Time Summary00:00 - 02:00 Introduction.
    02:00 - 03:20 Jean Stoker True born February 10, 1909 at Baldwin, Kentucky (Madison Co.). Parents were G.C. and Nancy Whitlock Stoker. Father was a minister and farmer who emphasized importance of a college education. She graduated from Madison High School (1927).
    03:20 - 04:30 Personal aquaintance with President Donovan. Recollections of senior year at Eastern.
    04:30 - 08:40 Remembering faculty and staff.
    08:40 - 11:00 Growth of campus. Proud of Eastern gaining "University" status. Changes during the 1930's. Hershall McKinley served as her class president for four years. Mrs. True relates problems in keeping up with fellow Alumni.
    11:00 - 13:30 Recollections of Chapel and reflection on Dr. Donovan.
    13:30 - 19:00 Clubs on campus and changes in the student body. Involvement in graduate and individual study courses. Change in study emphasis from kindergarten education to aging.
    19:00 - 21:10 Volunteer work in retirement homes. Mrs. True relates some future goals.
    21:10 - 23:45 Teaching fellowship at Ohio State University and meeting her husband. Working for Ryher Department Store in Dayton, Ohio. Learned how to relate to the public and acquired business knowledge.
    23:45 - 27:00 Taking yearly trips, first around the United States and then to other Nations; European travel, British Isles, China, South Africa, and the Soviet Union.
    27:00 - 31:00 Hobbies: collecting dolls, ivory figures, minature china and leather-bound books. Involvement in clubs and organizations.
    31:00 - 34:30 Continued discussion of clubs and projects.
    34:30 - 38:10 Remembering fellow Alumni and classes taken. Mrs. True is currently taking graduate classes at Eastern.
    38:10 - 39:10 Important influences of the university on her life.
    39:10 - 44:00 Continued discussion campus growth and remembering buildings and homes on campus. Activities on campus in the 1930s.
    44:00 - 45:50 Athletics on campus. Remembering the "Carr Creek Boys" (basketball team).
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