Interview with Mattie Roberts

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1987 OH 003




This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Mattie T. Roberts, Alumna. Mrs. Robers is a 1933 graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School. Mrs. Roberts taught School for 36 years. She reminisces about her college years and the influence Eastern had on her life.


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Interview with Mattie Roberts

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Jones, Harold


Roberts, Mattie


Richmond, KY



Time Summary

00:00 - 01:20 Introduction.
01:20 - 05:00 Mattie T. Roberts born February 21, 1912. Had one daughter. Taught school for 36 years.
05:00 - 07:00 Discussed educational background.
07:00 - 09:40 Talked about experiences she had during teaching years. Was referred to as a "hard" teacher. Mrs. Roberts took this as a compliment.
09:40 - 10:30 Talked about her hobbies since retirement. Knitting, crocheting, gardening and traveling.
10:30 - 12:00 Discussed her first impressions when arriving on Eastern campus.
12:00 - 15:40 Discussed personalities of faculty.
15:40 - 18:00 Discussed clubs also the changes on campus over the years.
18:00 - 20:00 Discussed dress code on campus.
20:00 - 27:00 Mentions Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Case as Dean of Women. Also Dr. Keith as a great teacher, but did not approve of jokes he told in class.
27:00 - 29:00 Mrs. Roberts feels the educational system is just as strong as its students as well as the teacher that teaches.
29:00 - 31:00 Discussed the changes in education. Feels grammar has gotten lost.
31:00 - 32:00 Discussed role TV has played in education.
32:00 - 39:00 Discussed education of teachers during her teaching career as compared to now.
39:00 - 41:00 Talked of her feelings of expectations of teachers.
41:00 - 43:00 Mentions favorite school she taught during her career.
43:00 - 46:00 Reminisces about students she attended Eastern with.
46:00 - 48:40 Discussed Dr. Donovan.
48:40 - 54:00 Recollection of Depression.
54:00 - 58:00 Talks about recreation on campus.
58:00 - 60:00 Remembers Dr. Robert R. Martin with great admiration.






“Interview with Mattie Roberts,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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