Interview with Ted Gilbert



  • Identifier1986 OH 147
  • Date10/15/1986
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeGilbert, Ted
  • DescriptionThis is an unrehearsed taped interview with Ted C. Gilbert, former Administrator in the State Department of Education and Director of the Kentucky Council on Higher Education. Mr. Gilbert is a 1939 graduate of Eastern Kentucky State.
  • LocationLexington, KY
  • Duration:57:57
  • Time Summary00:00 - 01:00 Introduction.
    01:00 - 03:40 Ted C. Gilbert born February 11, 1917 at Arjay (Bell Co.). Moved to Pineville at an early age. Parents were Roland and Cora Haysley Gilbert. Father worked for the L&N Railroad for 42 years.
    03:40 - 05:10 Discussion on Roland Gilbert as rail-conductor for L&N. He was hard-working and an avid sportsman, especially enjoying baseball.
    05:10 - 07:00 Ted Gilbert graduated from Pineville High School in 1935. Necessity for college students to work. Working for the N.Y.A. (National Youth Administration) on campus. He earned 20 cents an hour. Meeting president Donovan and his wife. Working in the dormitory under the Keiths (Charles A. and Anna).
    07:00 - 11:40 Student teaching and first teaching job in a one-room school at Davisburg (Bell Co.). Continuing education at Eastern and working as head cashier in the cafeteria. Experience teaching in a one-room school.
    11:40 - 14:00 Work in the cafeteria under Edith Macklevain.
    14:00 - 17:40 Discussion on fellow Alumni.
    17:40 - 29:30 Discussion on Faculty and Staff.
    30:00 - 36:10 Continued discussion on faculty and mention of Dr. Donovan.
    36:10 - 41:40 Graduate school at Eastern. Drafted in 1942. Served 4 years in the Navy's Signal Corp. Completed Master's degree in 1947. Given Honorary Doctorate from Georgetown College in 1962. Also named Executive Director of the Kentucky Council on Higher Education in the same year. Superintendent of Schools at London (1949-50) and at Maysville (1950-56). Named head of the Bureau of Administration and Finance (1956) and selected Deputy to State Superintendent of Public Instruction by Dr. R. Martin.
    41:40 - 43:30 Discussion of Clubs and Organizations: Glee Club, Upper-Cumberland Club, Social Sciences club (History). Good experiences gained from clubs and student work.
    43:30 - 44:30 Effects of the Depression on students.
    44:30 - 46:40 Early impressions of Eastern. Seriousness of students. Most felt fortunate to be in college.
    46:40 - 48:00 Recreation at Eastern: baseball, socials, dances, music programs. Work and study left little time for recreation. Summer jobs helped pay for college.
    48:00 - 50:50 Deciding to go to college. J.L. Lair, principal at Pineville, influenced his decision. Applied to Berea College but was not accepted because his father had a good job. Borrowed money to go to Eastern.
    50:50 - 52:20 Arrival at Eastern. Lived off campus first year and got a job with the NYA.
    52:20 - 58:20 Changes on campus (new buildings and football field). Role of Eastern's dairy farm. Development of the Eastern campus under the Martin administration. Lasting influences of Eastern: appreciative of education and character development.
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