Interview with Talton Stone

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This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Talton K. Stone an Alumnus of Eastern Kentucky University, graduating in 1928. A long time school superintendent of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.


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Interview with Talton Stone

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Ellis, William E.


Stone, Talton


Elizabethtown, KY



Time Summary

00:00 - 01:20 Introduction.
01:20 - 04:10 Talton K. Stone born July 7, 1906, Richmond, Kentucky. Father R.K. Stone and Mother Odessa White Stone.
04:10 - 10:00 Discussed educational background. High School graduate at age 15.
10:00 - 14:00 Continued with College years as athlete.
14:00 - 18:30 Mentions coaches and student acquaintances while in college - George Hembree also Earl Combs with great respect.
18:30 - 22:00 Discussed friends while in college, Earl Jones, Clayton Mainus and Turkey Hughes.
22:00 - 31:30 Mentions Professors Caldwell, Smith Park, Dr. Keith, Dr. Dorris.
31:30 - 36:00 Continues discussing faculty members.
36:00 - 38:00 Discussed coaching.
38:00 - 43:00 Discussed getting into Administration.
43:00 - 48:00 Mentions Ted Sanford, Supt., in Carrolton School System as being close friend. Also discusses teaching and coaching experiences.
48:00 - 52:00 After retiring as Supt., of Schools, started working in Bank.
52:00 - 58:00 Talks of great opportunities offered and his participation in organizations and clubs. Also talks of traveling.
58:00 - 63:00 Discusses greatest influence of Eastern on his life. He feels "Teachers", Athletics, Robert Martin did more because of building Buildings to improve the caliber and quality of teachers brought in to teach.
63:00 - 69:00 Reminiscences of years at Eastern. Feels Robert Martin did more to influence his life and all alumni for love and respect for Eastern. He feels his foundation for life and accomplishments are due to his going to Eastern.
69:00 - 72:00 Talks of Law Enforcement Program.





“Interview with Talton Stone,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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