Interview with Robert R. Martin

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1994 OH 001




Robert R. Martin talks about retiring from Eastern Kentucky University presidency and his time serving as a State Senator.


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Interview with Robert R. Martin

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Ellis, William E.


Martin, Robert R.


Richmond, KY



Time Summary

0-010 Introduction
010-015 Robert R. Martin born December 27, 1910 near McKinney, Lincoln County, Kentucky
015-055 Talks about his decision to run for the Senate. Retired from the presidency at EKU in 1976
055-060 January 1, 1978 became member of State Senate from this district
060-080 Continued above subject
080-090 Study of diabetes in the State
090-100 Law enforcement
100-108 Instrumental in getting more adequate appropriations for Universities and College
108-185 Educational work Mr. Martin accomplished
185-200 Discussed representing four counties. How the counties differ.
200-230 Redistricting
230-245 Disappointments while serving in the Senate
245-310 Mayor issues that come up in the Senate while Dr. Martin was there
310-340 Discussed retiring from Eastern and what he might have done if the Senate position had not have come up
340-360 Time involved to fill the duties of State Legislature
360-408 Opinion of special sessions of the Legislature
408-425 Dr. Martin's opinion on Legislature having more hearings and committee meetings
425-430 Dr. Martin's opinion of the Legislative Research Commission
End of side 1 Beginning of side 2
0-015 LRC and their authority
015-040 Other kinds of support Dr. Martin got as a Senator. Interest groups who tried to influence him
040-055 Lobbying in Frankfort. "Turkey Bills."
055-100 Legislators who her served with which he thought was especially good
100-140 Discusses running for the Legislature- very expensive
140-155 Agricultural interests
155-175 What could be done to improve the Legislative Process in Kentucky
175-200 Governor Jones
200-224 Dr. Martin further discusses the Legislature
224-245 Development of Eastern
245-265 Development downtown Richmond
265-270 President Funderburk
End of interview





“Interview with Robert R. Martin,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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