Interview with Robert R. Martin & John D. Rowlett


  • Identifier1990 OH 074
  • Date5/8/1990
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeMartin, Robert R.
  • DescriptionRobert R. Martin and John D. Rowlett talk about the development of the Law Enforcement programs at Eastern Kentucky University.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration:50:58
  • Time Summary0-006 Introduction
    006-030 Dr. Martin tells about the first discussion of EKU being interested in a School of Law Enforcement
    030-040 Dr. Rowlett discussed Law Enforcement fitting well with the School of Technology which it was called during those days. The first class was taught January 1, 1966.
    040-048 Dr. Rowlett continued by discussing the associate degree programs
    048-051 Dr. Martin asked Dr. Rowlett to discuss how Bob Posey was willing to come and teach the first class
    051-074 Dr. Rowlett talks about above subject
    074-075 Dr. Martin asked Dr. Rowlett about the expansion of the plan
    075-100 Dr. Rowlett talks about the expansion, etc. Had strong endorsement of then Gov. Breathitt
    100-101 Dr. Martin mentions development the second year
    101-120 Dr. Rowlett discusses Bob Stone, a retired FBI Agent coming on board September 1, 1966 to give leadership to this part of EKU's effort
    120-130 Dr. Martin gives credit to Col. Ted Bassett, Head of State Police for his ideas of what was wrong with Law Enforcement
    130-147 Dr. Rowlett mentions Col. Ted Bassett as still being one of our strongest supporters in Law Enforcement. Dr. Rowlett continues by discussing growth and moving ahead
    147-150 Dr. Martin talks about Col. Bassett's interest of Police training to be done on the College Campus
    150-185 Dr. Rowlett discusses an Act being passed in 1968 that helped financially with the programs tremendously
    185-215 Dr. Rowlett continued by discussing EKU deciding to create a Master Degree Program in Law Enforcement in 1969
    215-225 Continued above subject
    225-245 Dr. Martin talks about the acceptance of the programs.Received $10,000.00 check from the State while Governor Nunn was Governor stating it was to be used to improve the Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Center
    300-350 Dr. Martin talks about Dr. Crane, criminologist from the State University in Illinois doing a study of Law Enforcement Education in the State and his report. Dr. Martin was not happy with the results and remarked he felt like he was "trying to do us in." With this in mind Dr. Martin started building defenses such as meetings, newspaper articles, etc.
    350-406 Continued with above subject. October 16, 1972 the Governor was asked to come over to EKU and break ground
    End side 1 Beginning side 2
    0-012 Dr. Martin continued above subject
    012-027 Dr. Rowlett discusses higher education and also Law Enforcement not as high a level as he would like at that time
    027-030 Dr. Martin discusses training of Police, etc.
    030-037 Dr. Rowlett compares Dr. Crane's Report with agriculture program at that time
    037-044 Dr. Martin mentions that he always thinks of himself as a defender of this institution
    044-065 Dr. Rowlett speaks of picking up the Kentucky Peace Officer's Standards and Training Council that Bob Stone was brought here to give leadership to
    065-092 Dr. Martin discusses the really important aspects of the financing of the program came with the action of Governor Ford in 1972
    092-095 Dr. Martin continued by discussing a Fire Fighters Program
    095-144 Dr. Rowlett discusses the seventies and the academic program
    144-220 Dr. Martin makes a closing statement on the above subject
    End of interview
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