Interview with Robert R. Martin & John D. Rowlett


  • Identifier1990 OH 073
  • Date4/20/1990
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeMartin, Robert R.
  • DescriptionRobert R. Martin and John D. Rowlette talk about the implementation of the nursing program at Eastern Kentucky University.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration:36:31
  • Time Summary0-006 Introduction
    006-030 Dr. Robert R. Martin discusses the beginning of the Nursing Program here at EKU and the original idea
    030-050 John D. Rowlett discussed exploring what needed to be done. Meeting with Dr. Martin his communication to him was very clear and direct. Dr. Martin wanted a Nursing Program in place at Eastern by the Fall of 1965.
    050-060 Dr. Martin tells of many doors being slammed in his face as they experienced over the next several months
    060-075 Discusses he and Dr. Rowlett meeting with the Board with Dr. Martin going over their proposals
    075-085 Dr. Rowlett discussed requirements in the proposals made
    085-095 Dr. Rowlett discussed ideal Hospitals to use for clinical facilities
    095-100 Dr. Rowlett talks about initial hospitals used in the program
    100-105 Dr. Martin tells of St. Joseph Hospital being one of the first to break the line in Lexington, for Student Nursing
    105-110 Charlotte Benny, a highly experienced Nurse coming to the Faculty
    110-145 Dr. Rowlett discusses his experiencing with Staffing Program
    145-155 Continued by talking of Staffing of the second year
    155-160 Nursing housing was first located in the Weaver Health Building
    160-165 Various locations on Campus where Nursing housing was moved too. Locations wherever space was available as it grew in size over the years
    165-185 Dr. Martin discussed the actual building which was named for Dr. Rowlett- with the blood, sweat and tears that he expended in this Program
    185-210 Dr. Rowlett discussed another door being slammed in his face by Judge John Miller of Calloway County
    210-225 Continued with discussing visiting other colleges with dormitories which would have room for Student Health Services
    225-245 Dr. Rowlett talks about Building being finally approved by the Health Science Advisory Committee, which he was one of the eight members
    245-250 Dr. Rowlett discussed committing themselves to enroll no more than one hundred and eighty six brand new Associate Degree students annually. Made other commitments
    250-255 Dr. Martin talks of making application with the Federal Government for a grant for construction of the Building
    255-275 Dr. Martin continues by discussing having very strong support of Dr. Tim Lee Carter, Congressman also Carl Perkins, Congressman
    275-305 Dr. Martin talks of Julian Carroll, if elected promised his first act would be to finance that building
    305-315 Dr. Rowlett speaks of meeting occurring in January or February 1985 involving President Oswald and Dr. Willard and Dean Dake of UK
    315-345 Dr. Martin continues above subject
    345-350 Mentions some of the Allied Health Professions
    350-355 Dr. Rowlett remarks that all the Programs that are in place we developed during Dr. Martin's presidency
    355-375 Dr. Martin discusses change in the law concerning Higher Education
    375-380 Dr. Rowlett talks about the Occupational Therapy Program and Programs in Medical Record Administration should have been submitted to the Council for review and approval. Dr. Martin did not read the law that way.
    380-388 Dr. Martin continues discussing the above law, which Dr. Rowlett mentions
    388-409 Dr. Rowlett still discussing above law and Professional Program
    End side 1 Beginning side 2
    0-006 Dr. Rowlett and Dr. Martin mention the Programs are still with you and in great shape
    006-020 Dr. Rowlett mentions Allied Health Programs that were developed during the period of time Nursing and Building was started before Dr. Martin retired. Dr. Rowlett named programs that are available
    020-028 Dr. Martin makes final comments
    028-035 Dr. Rowlett gives one of a number of examples of the growth that flowed from the plan of Allied Health and Nursing that Dr. Martin took to the Board of Regents in March of 1965
    End of Interview
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