Interview with Thomas Myers


  • Identifier: 1978 OH 111
  • Date: 4/24/1978
  • Interviewer: Ellis, William E.
  • Interviewee: Myers, Thomas
  • Location: Richmond, KY
  • Duration: :46:28
  • Time Summary: 0-0:50 Interviewer's introduction
    0:50-02:50 Pause in Tape
    02:50-05:40 Myers' general background and educational background
    05:40-8:30 First meeting with Dr. Martin
    08:30-10:30 Development of the Health program at Eastern
    10:30-13:10 How Myers became involved with student affairs
    13:10-14:40 Dr. Martin's ability to develop new programs
    14:40-18:50 Myers' involvement with student affairs
    18:50-21:20 How Myers' role has changed over the years
    21:20-26:30 Problems encountered by Myers during the late 1960's
    26:30-28:20 Outside student agitation
    28:20-36:35 Dr. Martin's genius for dealing with people
    36:35-39:10 Compares Dr. Powell with Dr. Martin
    39:10 End of side 1
    0-06:50 Pause in Tape
    06:50-09:00 Dr. Martin's philosophy of education
    09:0-10:10 Dr. Martin's personality
    10:10-10:50 Compares Dr. Martin with other college presidents
    10:50-11:50 Martin's leadership on the Presidents Commission and Association
    11:50-12:40 Other educational programs that Martin developed
    12:40-13:50 Highlights of the Martin presidency
    13:50-15:20 Martin's race for the state senate
    15:20-15:40 Final remarks
    15:40 End of tape
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