Interview with John DeMarcus


  • Identifier1978 OH 109
  • Date4/24/1978
  • InterviewerBerge, William H.
  • IntervieweeDeMarcus, John
  • DescriptionMr. John DeMarcus, a native Kentuckian, attended Eastern Kentucky University in the 1960's. He served as a legislative assistant and currently is Vice-President of Business Affairs at Northern Kentucky University.
  • LocationHighland Hieghts, KY
  • Duration:42:22
  • Time Summary0-0:50 Interviewer's introduction
    0:50-8:30 DeMarcus' general background and initial meetings with Dr. Martin. Dr. Martin's personality and abilities.
    08:30-15:0 DeMarcus' liaison with Martin in education. Martin's role in education in Kentucky. Martin's continuing interest in Eastern.
    15:0-19:05 "Overbuilding" by universities, and the CPHE
    19:05-22:20 Martin as leader of the regional university presidents.
    22:20-28:10 Martin and the community college system.
    28:10-31:30 Martin's relationship with Louie B. Nunn
    31:30 End of side 1
    0-01:0 Pause in tape
    01:0-08:05 Martin's personality
    08:05-11:10 DeMarcus relates anecdotes concerning Martin
    11:10 End of Tape
  • Restrictionsno
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