Interview with Tim Carter

  • Identifier1978 OH 107
  • Date3/31/1978
  • InterviewerWilburn, Mark S.
  • IntervieweeCarter, Tim
  • DescriptionCongressman Tim Carter is a physician and helped establish the nursing program at Eastern. He currently is a United States Representative from the Fifth Congressional District in Kentucky.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration:23:08
  • Time Summary0-0:30 Interviewer's Introduction
    0:30-02:0 Pause in Tape
    02:00-03:05 Carter talks about his general background
    03:05-05:10 Carter's first meeting with Dr. Martin
    05:10-07:10 Carter states why he believes Dr. Martin was so successful in increasing the growth of Eastern
    07:10-08:0 Eastern's quiet attitude during the late 1960's and the reason for it
    08:0-10:0 Politics and education in Kentucky
    10:0-10:40 Dr. Martin's relationship with Earle Clements
    10:40-12:0 The importance of the school vote in Kentucky
    12:0-12:20 Carter's reaction to Dr. Martin's appointment as President of Eastern
    12:20-14:30 Allied Health program at Eastern- how it originated. The law enforcement program is also discussed
    14:30-15:40 Dr. Martin and party politics
    15:40-17:10 Dr. Martin and other college presidents
    17:10-18:20 Dr. Martin's ability to acquire funds for construction- reputation for fiscal management
    18:20-19:10 Dr. Martin's ambitions other than college president
    19:10-20:30 Carter's reaction to Dr. Martin's retirement
    20:30-22:10 Dr. Martin's personality
    22:10-22:50 Dr. Martin's general philosophy of education
    22:50-23:20 Dr. Martin's political philosophy
    23:20-24:10 Final remarks by Congressman Carter
  • Restrictionsyes, that I be allowed to listen to the tape, should any factual errors arise, that I be given the opportunity to arrange for correction.
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