Interview with Stephen Wilborn


  • Identifier1978 OH 106
  • Date4/25/1978
  • InterviewerWilburn, Mark S.
  • IntervieweeWilborn, Stephen
  • DescriptionMr. Stephen Wilborn attended Eastern Kentucky University in the late 1960's and graduated with a B.A. in political science in 1969. He was elected president of the student body twice and Mr. Wilborn served as a student regent, the first student ever to do so. This tape recording contains his memories and views concerning his years at Eastern, especially Mr. Wilborn's involvement with student government.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration1:30:27
  • Time Summary0-01:0 Interviewer's introduction
    01:0-2:0 Pause in Tape
    02:0-03:20 Wilborn's general background
    03:20-7:0 Eastern's physical plant during the 1960's
    07:0-08:30 Martin's administrative ability
    08:30-11:10 Wilborn's race for student president. Student body apathy discussed
    26:30-33:10 The Powell committee report
    33:10-42:10 Student dissent during the later 1960's
    42:10-45:0 SDS chapter on the Eastern campus
    45:0 End of Side 1
    1:0-21:20 Censuring of Steve Wilborn by the Board of Regents
    21:20-23:30 The Board of Regents in general
    23:30-28:50 The ROTC program at Eastern
    28:50-29:20 The Curry Hearn affair
    29:20-32:0 Teachers that Wilborn admired at Eastern
    32:0-33:25 How students on other college campuses viewed Martin
    33:25-38:10 Martin's retirement is discussed
    38:10-45:0 Martin's personality
    45:0-47:0 Comparison between President Powell and Dr. Martin
    47:0 End of Tape
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  • RightsContact Special Collections and Archives, Crabbe Library, Eastern Kentucky University for reproductions, rights and permission to publish.


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