Interview with John D. Rowlett

  • Identifier1978 OH 104
  • Date5/2/1978
  • InterviewerWilburn, Mark S.
  • IntervieweeRowlett, John D
  • DescriptionDr. John Rowlett is a native of Texas and currently serves as Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Research at Eastern. He came to Eastern during the 1950's. During Dr. Martin's tenure as President he worked very closely with Dr. Martin in the development of various new programs- especially the nursing and law enforcement program. Dr. Rowlett is a close associate of Dr. Martin and assisted the former President in many areas.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration:40:08
  • Time Summary0-01:00 Interviewer's introduction
    01:0-02:0 Pause in Tape
    02:0-03:20 Rowlett's general background
    03:20-05:50 Rowlett's first meeting with Martin and his impressions of Martin
    05:50-07:40 Martin's philosophy of education
    07:40-13:20 Martin's appointment as President of Eastern. Comparison between O'Donnell and Martin
    13:20-14:35 Martin's ability to delegate authority and accept criticism
    14:35-18:10 Martin's relationship with faculty and students. The Steve Wilborn incident
    18:10-20:10 The establishment of the physical plant at Eastern during the 1960's
    21:10-22:10 Martin's possible consideration as president of UK and his relationship with the Richmond community
    22:10-23:50 Rowlett's duties under the Martin administration and how his role changed over the years
    23:50-26:05 Martin's relationship with the press
    26:05-28:0 University of Louisville becoming part of the state educational system
    28:0-30:20 Martin's political influence
    30:20-31:0 Martin's relationship with other college presidents
    31:0-33:10 Martin's view of the CPHE
    33:10-38:0 Development of the nursing program at Eastern
    38:0-40:50 Development of the law enforcement program at Eastern
    40:50 End of side 1
    0-03:0 Crane Report on Law Enforcement. Martin's reaction
    03:0-End of Tape
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  • IndexerAaron Moore


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