Interview with Beverly Yeiser


  • Identifier1978 OH 103
  • Date4/12/1978
  • InterviewerWilburn, Mark S.
  • IntervieweeYeiser, Beverly
  • DescriptionBeverly Yeiser is a native of Daviess County, Kentucky. He attended both Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky. Mr. Yeiser owns and operates a poultry business. In 1974, Mr. Yeiser was appointed to the Board of Regents.
  • LocationLexington, KY
  • Duration:39:11
  • Time Summary0-01:0 Interviewer's introduction
    01:0-02:0 Pause in Tape
    02:0-03:0 Yeiser's general background
    2:0-4:45 Yeiser's selection to the Board of Regents
    04:40-07:50 Yeiser's first meeting with Dr. Martin. Dr. Martin's appointment to the presidency. The building program at Eastern
    07:50-10:05 Martin's relationship with the Board of Regents
    10:05-14:40 Martin's priorities; facilities and students
    14:40-18:10 Politics and education in Kentucky and Dr. Martin's influence
    18:10-19:50 Dr. Martin's relationship with other educational leaders
    19:50-21:20 The CPHE and its role in the educational system
    21:20-24:20 Dr. Martin's strengths and weaknesses
    24:20-25:10 Martin's relationship with the press
    25:10-25:45 Martin's retirement
    25:45-33:10 Powell's selection as president. Comparison between Dr. Powell and Dr. Martin
    33:10-35:30 Martin's relationship with the student body
    35:30-36:0 The ROTC program
    36:0-37:30 Role of the board of regents
    37:30-39:0 Martin's personality
    39:0 End of tape
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