Interview with Craig Ammerman

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1978 OH 059




Mr. Craig Ammerman is a native Kentuckian from Richmond. He attended EKU from 1966-1969. Mr. Ammerman was a prominent editorial and staff writer for the Eastern Progress and he was very involved with the major issues of the late 1960's.


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Interview with Craig Ammerman

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Wilburn, Mark S.


Ammerman, Craig


Phone Interview



Time Summary

0-02:40 Interviewer's introduction
02:40-03:25 Ammerman's general background
03:25-05:50 Student unrest in the late 1960's
05:50-13:50 The Powell Report, the mandatory ROTC program at Eastern
13:50-20:10 Dr. Martin's attitude toward dissent; the Steve Wilborn incident and Dr. Martn's concern for students
20:10-23:0 The Curry Hearn affair
23:0-32:50 The S.D.S. Chapter at Eastern and the Steve Wilborn incident
32:50-42:10 Student Senate relationship with the press. Editorial policy of the Eastern Progress
42:10-45:10 The establishment of Northern Kentucky University and Martin's and Ammerman's opposition to it.
45:10-46:50 The regional universities attempts to receive adequate funding from the state
46:50 End of side 1
0-02:10 Continuation of the same topic, the overcrowding situation at Eastern
02:10-04:35 Eastern attaining university status. The law enforcement program and other fields.
04:35-08:50 Why Eastern attained tremendous growth during Martin's tenure
08:50-12:10 The black movement
12:10-24:0 Dr. Martin's personality. Dr. Martin's relationship with the press. Dr. Martin's retirement and running for the state legislature.
24:0-28:20 Ammerman compares Adron Doran with Robert Martin
28:20-30:20 Openline radio talk show that was cancelled
30:20-32:45 Eastern and the ROTC Program
32:45-35:0 Dr. Powell's selection as President of EKU
35:0 End of tape





“Interview with Craig Ammerman,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 24, 2019,

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