Interview with John Vickers

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1978 OH 038




Mr. John Vickers was the former Director of Placement Office at Eastern. Mr. Vickers is a native Kentuckian. He received his B.A. from Western Kentucky State College and he received his M.A. from the University of Kentucky. Mr. Vickers served in various capacities in the state government before coming to Eastern with Dr. Martin in 1960.


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Interview with John Vickers

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Ellis, William E.


Vickers, John


Richmond, KY



Time Summary

0-0:50 Interviewer's introduction
0:50-02:50 Pause in tape
02:50-06:0 Vickers talks about his general background
06:0-06:10 Vickers' first meeting with Dr. Martin
07:10-11:0 Vickers discusses his work with the Department of Education
11:0-12:30 Dr. Martin's years just prior to his presidency at Eastern
12:30-16:10 Dr. Martin's appointment as President
16:10-18:50 Dr. Martin's years as State Superintendent of Public Instruction
18:50-23:10 Dr. Martin's priorities as President of Eastern
23:10-27:20 Comparison between Dr. Martin and Dr. O'Donnell
27:20-32:20 Politics and education in Kentucky- How the two are related in the state
32:20-37:20 Dr. Martin's influence on the Council on Public Higher Education
37:20-41:40 Competition among universities for funds and the community college system at U.K.
41:40 End of side 1
0-05:10 Pause in Tape
05:10-08:20 Continuation of same topic
08:20-15:45 Dr. Martin's relationship with Wendell Butler, Adron Doran
15:45-20:30 Dr. Martin's relationsihp with various Kentucky governors
20:30-22:50 Dr. Martin's philosophy of education
22:50-24:50 Dr. Martin's relationship with the press
24:50-28:10 Dr. Vickers discusses Dr. Martin's personality.
28:10-32:45 Vickers' relationship with Dr. Martin
32:45-41:50 Comparison of Dr. Powell with Dr. Martin
41:50 End of Tape





“Interview with John Vickers,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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