Interview with Gerald May

  • Identifier1978 OH 036
  • Date3/21/1978
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeMay, Gerald
  • DescriptionMr. Gerald May is originally from New York, but moved to Kentucky to become a student at Eastern during the 1940s. He has served on Eastern's Board of Regents during the 1960s where he became acquainted with Dr. Martin.
  • LocationStanford, KY
  • Duration1:05:23
  • Time Summary0-0:45 Interviewer's introduction
    0:45-02:10 Pause in tape
    02:10-03:50 May's general background
    03:50-05:10 May's first meeting with Dr. Martin
    05:10-07:40 How May became a member of the Board of Regents
    07:40-09:15 First impressions of the Board and Dr. Martin
    09:15-10:40 Martin as Superintendent of Public Instruction
    10:40-11:50 Appointment of Dr. Martin as president of Eastern
    11:50-14:25 Dr. Martin's relationship with the Board of Regents
    14:25-16:20 May comments on the activities of the board
    16:20-20:50 Conflicts on the board between members
    20:50-25:30 Dr. Martin's priorities and goals
    25:30-27:40 Dr. Martin's relationship with Governor Wendell Ford
    30:35-38:40 Dr. Martin's relationship with the Council on Public Higher Education; May's opinion of the Council
    38:40 End of Side 1
    0-07:45 Pause in Tape
    07:45-12:50 Dr. Martin's relationship with the press
    12:50-16:0 May compares Dr. Martin with other college presidents- Dr. O'Donnell
    16:0-19:50 Dr. Martin as a planner and organizer as compared with Dr. Adron Doran
    19:50-22:40 Dr. Martin's personality
    22:40-29:10 May compares Dr. Martin with Dr. Powell
    29:10-33:10 May's final comments
    22:10 End of tape
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  • IndexerAaron Moore


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