Interview with Rufus Atwood

  • Identifier1978 OH 035
  • Date3/14/1978
  • InterviewerWilburn, Mark S.
  • IntervieweeAtwood, Rufus
  • DescriptionDr. Rufus Atwood is from Hickman, Kentucky. He served from 1929-62 as President of Kentucky State University. Dr. Atwood worked with Dr. Robert R. Martin while Dr. Martin served as Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • LocationCincinnati, OH
  • Duration1:27:44
  • Time Summary0-0:40 Pause in tape
    0:40-01:30 Interviewer's introduction
    01:30-13:05 Atwood's general background. His childhood days, family, and educational background
    13:05-24:45 Atwood's educational background and how blacks were educated in Hickman, Kentucky.
    24:45-40:50 Atwood's years at Fiske University
    40:50-47:00 Atwood's years after leaving Fiske and his participation in World War 1
    47:0 End of side 0-07:50 Continuation of side 1
    07:50-10:0 Years of WWI, he attended Iowa State University and worked at Prairie View College in Texas
    10:0-12:45 Atwood recalls how he was hired as President of Kentucky State
    12:45-14:35 Atwood describes Kentucky State when he became President
    14:35-17:0 Kentucky state during the 1930's
    17:0-20:0 Dr. Atwood's association with Dr. Martin while Dr. Martin was Superintendent of Public Instruction. The implementation of the Brown decision.
    20:0-24:35 Improvement of Educational opportunities for blacks during Atwood's tenure
    24:35-28:00 Atwood's comparison of Dr. O'Donell with Dr. Martin
    28:0-29:50 The Day Law
    29:50-32:50 Financial aid to black students
    32:50-37:0 Kentucky's financing of education and Atwood's relationship with Kentucky governors
    37:0-38:40 Atwood evaluates Dr. Martin's personality
    38:40-42:50 Education and politics in Kentucky
    42:50 End of tape
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  • IndexerAaron Moore


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