Interview with T. C. McDaniel


  • Identifier: 1978 OH 034
  • Date: 3/15/1978
  • Interviewer: Wilburn, Mark S.
  • Interviewee: McDaniel, T. C.
  • Description: Dr. T.C. McDaniel is a native of Burning Springs, Kentucky. He was born in 1914 and attended Eastern from 1930-34. Dr. McDaniel is a close personal friend of Dr. Robert R. Martin and yhey had been classmates together at Eastern. Dr. McDaniel is currently a practicing physician in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Duration: :46:45
  • Time Summary: 0-0:30 Pause in tape
    0:30-01:30 Interviewer's introduction
    01:50-04:25 Dr. McDaniel's general background: education and sports
    04:25-12:30 Dr. McDaniel's decision to enter Eastern in 1930 and the basketball team
    12:30-19:50 The 1930 freshman class and the Depression years
    19:50-21:20 The Richmond local citizen's relationships with Eastern during the 1930's
    21:20-22:50 Other Eastern activities- sports activities
    22:50-25:45 McDaniel's evaluation of Dr. Donovan and the college restrictions
    25:45-33:0 Teachers that McDaniel 's appreciated at Eastern
    33:0-35:50 The physical plant of Eastern during the early 1930's
    35:50-41:10 Recollections of Dr. Martin as a student and other students
    41:10-47:0 Types of students at Eastern during the early 1930's and daily life of the students
    47:0 End of Side 1
    0-1:35 Continuation of the same subject
    01:35-08:10 McDaniel explains what he did after he left Eastern, and the teaching field at that time. The difficulty of obtaining a teaching job
    08:10-10:40 The Eastern Centennial year and McDaniel's impressions. His evaluation of Dr. Martin
    10:40-12:25 Politics and Education in Kentucky
    12:25-18:20 He evaluates Dr. Martin's personality
    18:20-20:25 McDaniel's expectations of Dr. Martin
    20:25-23:50 Dr. O'Donnell and Dr. Donovan and Dr. Martin
    23:50-26:0 Dr. Martin's retirement and race for the state senate
    26:0-27:20 Final comments by Dr. McDaniel
    27:20 End of Tape
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