Interview with Donald Feltner


  • Identifier1978 OH 013
  • Date3/6/1978
  • InterviewerHay, Charles
  • IntervieweeFeltner, Donald
  • DescriptionMr. Donald Feltner received his B.A. and M.A. at Eastern and has served as Director of Public Affairs since the mid-1950's. He had a close working relationship with Dr. Martin on many important projects.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration2:37:38
  • Time Summary0-0:45 Interviewer's introduction
    0:45-02:40 Feltner's first meeting and impressions of Dr. Martin
    02:40-05:40 Dr. Martin's personality and Dr. Martin's aspirations
    05:40-07:45 Dr. Martin's appointment as Eastern's president, and his previous experience as Bert Combs' campaign manager
    07:45-09:20 Dr. Martin's plans for Eastern and how his previous experience helped him
    09:20-13:40 Dr. Martin's philosophy of education
    13:40-23:20 Feltner discusses Dr. Martin's administrative ability, including the Crane Report on Law Enforcement , the Vietnam War, and the building program
    23:20-29:45 Eastern's rise to university status, and Dr. Martin's sense of humor
    29:45-40:0 Dr. Martin's delegation of authority
    40:0-46:40 Dr. Martin's relationship with faculty members
    46:40-47:10 Student activism during the late 1960's and Dr. Martin's reaction to it
    47:10 End of side 1
    0-15:15 Student activism continued, the Steve Wilborn incident, and the student press with Craig Ammerman
    15:15-26:50 Dr. Martin's relationship with the Courier-Journal and the press in general
    26:50-42:40 The nature of Feltner's job and the various changes that occurred. The various building projects are discussed. the Meditation Chapel and Dr. Martin's relationship with the alumni association
    42:40-47:10 The Centennial Celebration at Eastern
    47:10 End of Side 2
    0-12:20 Centennial Celebration discussion continues
    12:20-20:10 The rise of publications at Eastern during the Martin years
    20:10-22:50 Dr. Martin's view of athletics- college and intramural sports and function of publications as it pertains to sports programs
    22:50-32:05 Dr. Martin's student recruitment program.Competition among state universities.
    32:05-39:25 Career placement program
    39:25-42:40 Dr. Martin's relationship with other college presidents and governors
    42:40-46:10 Dr. Martin's reaction to becoming president at the University of Kentucky
    46:10-47:10 Feltner's speeches written for Dr. Martin
    47:10 End of side 3
    0-1:30 Continuation of side 4
    1:30-3:45 Dr. Martin's contributions
    3:45-11:0 Comparison of Dr. Martin with former President O'Donnell
    11:0-12:50 Dr. Martin's senate race announcement
    12:50-19:40 Dr. Martin's retirement
    19:40 End of interview
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