Interview with Leonard Taylor


  • Identifier: 1978 OH 010
  • Date: 2/16/1978
  • Interviewer: Ellis, William E.
  • Interviewee: Taylor, Leonard
  • Description: Mr. Leonard Taylor was the registrar at Eastern Kentucky University. He is a native Kentuckian from Ohio County. He graduated with an M.A. from the University of Kentucky. He retired from his registrar position in 1976.
  • Location: Richmond, KY
  • Duration: :55:24
  • Time Summary: 0-0:45 Interviewer's introduction
    0:45-01:50 Pause in tape
    01:50-03:10 Mr. Taylor's background, educational and work experience
    03:10-04:10 First recollections of Martin
    04:10-06:40 State funding of schools, the Minimum Foundation Program and the role Dr. Martin played in its development
    06:40-10:35 Dr. Martin's years as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dr. Martin descrived as a progressive leader in education. Taylor compares Dr. Martin with past Superintendents of Public Instruction
    10:35-11:25 Dr. Martin's relationship with Wendell Butler
    11:25-12:0 Dr. Martin's involvement in the Combs campaign
    12:0-13:45 Taylor reflects on Dr. Martin's appointment to Eastern
    13:45-16:35 Taylor compares Dr. Martin with O'Donnell, the former President of Eastern
    18:10-18:40 Taylor assesses Dr. Martin's financial abilities
    18:40-20:20 Education and politics in Kentucky
    20:20-21:35 Taylor's opinion about the Council of Public Higher Education
    21:35-22:50 Taylor's duties as the Registrar at Eastern
    22:50-24:20 Dr. Martin's relationship with Taylor
    24:20-25:20 Dr. Martin's philosophy of education
    25:20-26:10 Taylor compares Dr. Martin to other College presidents
    26:10-27:10 Taylor describes Dr. Martin's personality
    27:10-28:30 Taylor relates some anecdotes
    28:30 End of Tape
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