Interview with Polly Gorman

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Mrs. Polly Gorman worked as Dr. Martin's secretary while he was Superintendent of Public instruction in 1956. She also helped Dr. Martin in the Bert Combs gubernatorial campaign. Mrs. Gorman then became Dr. Martin's secretary while he was Commissioner of Finance and later at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Interview with Polly Gorman

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Ellis, William E.


Gorman, Polly


Richmond, KY



Time Summary

0-0:40 Interviewer's introduction
0:40-03:10 Pause in Tape
03:10-04:30 Gorman's background
04:30-08:00 First encounter with Dr. Martin and the various duties that she assumed. Gorman becomes Dr. Martin's secretary while he was Superintendent of Public Instruction. She began working for Dr. Martin in 1956.
08:0-09:20 Dr. Martin's management of the Bert Combs campaign. Gorman helped as a secretary in the Bert Combs campaign
09:20-13:10 Gorman becomes secretary when Dr. Martin become Commissioner of Finance. Dr. Martin becomes President of EKU and Gorman remains in Frankfort, Ky. Explains her duties in Frankfort.
28:40-29:40 Dr. Martin's relationship with John Oswald and Otis Singletary.
29:40-32:0 Dr. Martin's relationship with the Council on Public Higher Education. The competition between state universities and the University of Kentucky.
32:0-34:20 Gorman describes Dr. Martin's personality
34:20-36:20 Gorman compares Dr. Powell with Dr. Martin.
36:20-37:30 Dr. Martin's relationship with the press
37:30-44:10 Gorman evaluates the highlights of the Martin administration at Eastern
End of side 1
0-01:0 Pause in tape
01:0-01:5 Final Comments





“Interview with Polly Gorman,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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