Interview with Mabel Adams

  • Identifier1978 OH 001
  • Date12/30/1978
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeAdams, Mabel
  • DescriptionMrs. Mabel Adams was a teacher of Latin at Eastern Kentucky University during the 1920's and 1930's. She helped write Five Decades of Progress concerning the history of Eastern Kentucky University. Mrs. Adams was a very good friend of Robert R. Martin.
  • LocationTampa, Florida
  • Duration1:02:59
  • Time Summary0-01:10 Interviewer's introduction
    01:10-03:0 Pause in Tape
    03:00-07:40 Mrs. Adam's educational background and early teaching experience.
    07:40-12:0 Mrs. Adams' move to Eastern Kentucky University. Her recollections concerning former President Donovan
    12:0-14:50 Mrs. Adams' first encounter with Dr. Martin as her student
    14:50-21:20 Mrs. Adams discusses the physical plant of Eastern during the late 1920's and early 1930's and the types of students who attended Eastern
    21:20-23:0 Dr. Donovan and the changes he brought to Eastern
    23:0-27:0 Mrs. Adams' impressions of Dr. Martin's accomplishments
    27:0-37:0 Mrs. Adams' recollections about various faculty members
    37:0-39:25 Mrs. Adams recalls some of her students and their problems
    39:25-40:50 The improvement of academic standards at Eastern
    40:50-45:0 Mrs. Adams talks about her experiences after leaving Eastern
    45:0 End of Side 1
    0-01:20 Pause in Tape
    01:20-05:30 Mrs. Adams reflects on the changes that occurred at Eastern during the Depression. The hardships endured by Eastern students during the early 1930's.
    05:30-10:30 Restrictions placed upon co-eds, their financial status and programs established by President Donovan
    10:30-12:30 Loan programs designed to help Eastern students and Mrs. Adams discusses Eastern students further
    12:30-16:15 Summer session at Eastern and current events, including social activities
    16:15-17:30 Latin students in Mrs. Adams' classes
    17:30-19:0 Mrs. Adams life after she left Eastern
    19:0 End of Tape
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  • IndexerAaron Moore


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