Interview with Robert Begley


  • Identifier1977 OH 067
  • Date12/3/1977
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeBegley, Robert
  • DescriptionMr. Robert Begley is the President of Begley's Drugs company and serves as Chairman of the Board of Regents
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Duration1:01:13
  • Time Summary0-0:50 Pause in tape
    0:50-01:40 Interviewer's introduction
    01:40-02:40 Pause in tape
    02:40-06:0 Begley discusses how he came to be appointed to the Eastern Board of Regents
    06:00-08:00 Begley's first meeting with Dr. Martin
    08:00-15:05 Begley's recollections about Dr. Martin's appointment as President of E.K.U. and the role politics plays in education
    15:05-17:30 Role of the Council on Public Higher Education
    17:30-21:05 Dr. Martin's role with the Board of Regents and the functions of the Board as a whole.
    21:05-22:30 Begley's relationship with Dr. Martin
    22:30-24:35 Begley's reaction to Dr. Martin running for the state senate
    24:35-34:20 Dr. Martin's priorities at Eastern
    34:20-37:35 Dr. Martin's relationship with Governors Wendell Ford, Louie Nunn, Julian Carroll
    37:35-39:35 Dr. Martin's relationship with Adron Doran, former President at Morehead, and other college presidents
    39:35-43:40 Dr. Martin's strengths
    43:40-45:35 Dr. Martin's weaknesses
    45:35-47:0 Dr. Martin's relationship with the press
    47:0 End of Side 1
    0-01:15 Pause in Tape
    01:15-03:05 Dr. Martin's relationship with the press
    03:05-05:45 Begley compares Dr. Martin with other college presidents
    05:45-09:25 Dr. Martin's personality
    09:25-12:0 Begley compares Dr. Martin with Dr. Powell
    12:0-18:0 Begley's anecdotes concerning Dr. Martin
    18:0 End of Tape
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