Interview with Shirley Castle

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Mr. Shirley Castle is a native Kentuckian born in Lincoln County. He was a classmate of Robert R. Martin at Stanford High School. Mr. Castle served for a considerable amount of time in the United States Army. He has also served as Director of Personnel at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Interview with Shirley Castle

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Ellis, William E.


Castle, Shirley


Richmond, KY

Time Summary

0-0:40 Interviewer's introduction
0:40-13:15 Castle talks about his early life and general background. His difficulties in gaining an education because of poor transportation; his recollections of his school years.
13:15-19:35 Castle's years in the 1930's with the Civilian Conservation Corps.
19:35-23:0 Castle enters Murray State College in 1936 and recalls those years.
23:0-24:0 Castle enters the University of Kentucky as a graduate student in history in 1941.
24:0-30:10 Castle marries and enters the Army in 1942. He speaks about his family. He retired as a Colonel in the U.S. Army in 1967.
30:10-35:40 Castle reflects about his first meeting with Dr. Robert Martin, their school days together
35:40-47:10 Castle recalls how he came to Eastern in 1967 and recalls their school days together.
47:10 End of side 1
0-10:05 Continuation of the school days reflections
10:05-15:45 Castle describes his relationship with Dr. Martin at Eastern
15:45-19:40 Castle discusses Dr. Martin's outstanding achievements.
19:40-21:15 Castle's feelings about Dr. Martin running for public office
21:15-24:35 The importance of Dr. Martin's background in politics after coming to Eastern
24:35-30:35 Castle's opinions concerning politics in education; Council on Public Higher Education
30:35-35:0 Dr. Martin's general philosophy of education.
35:0-35:50 Dr. Martin's relationship with the press.
35:50 Dr. Martin's Personality





“Interview with Shirley Castle,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 25, 2018,

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