Interview with William Moore


  • Identifier: 1977 OH 040
  • Date: 10/17/1977
  • Interviewer: Ellis, William E.
  • Interviewee: Moore, William
  • Location: Richmond, KY
  • Duration: :38:09
  • Time Summary: 0:10-1:0 Music for your listening enjoyment
    1:20-2:20 Introduction
    3:20-3:45 Recollections of Martin as a student
    4:0-5:05 Moore's recollections of his career: professor of economics, chairman of Commerce Department, Dean of the College
    5:05-6:25 Moore's opinion of the Council on Public Higher Education
    6:25-7:15 Moore's chairmanship of the Commission on Higher Education
    7:20-8:20 Moore's recollections of his political involvements and his associations with state government
    8:30-8:45 Importance of politics to a career in education
    8:45-10:55 Comparison between Presidents Donovan and O'Donnell; campus construction and growth of student enrollment
    11:0-12:30 Impact of the Depression upon education; imposed some hardship upon students
    12:30-13:30 Characterization of student body during 1930's
    13:30-15:35 Changes in Eastern in the post World War II years; fairly rapid growth in enrollment
    15:35-16:50 Dr. Donovan's academic policies
    16:50-18:55 Conditions at Eastern during the 1950's. Involvement in study of teacher education in the nation
    18:55-19:30 Evolution of Eastern to expand beyond teacher education opposed by some
    19:30-20:50 Other students at Eastern who achieved success in their professions
    20:50-21:25 Moore's belief that political influence in higher education is not as great as it was
    21:25-22:40 Moore's recollections of the development and implementation of the Minimum Foundation Program
    23:20-24:20 Comparison of Martin with O'Donnell; Martin with Donovan
    24:20-25:20 Martin's relationship with other Kentucky educators: Wendell Butler, Lyman Ginger, Adron Doran
    25:20-28:50 Martin's relationship with Kentucky politicians: Bert Combs, Edward Breathitt, Louie Nunn, Carl Perkins
    28:50-29:45 Greatest changes in Eastern since Martin became President: achieving university status, expanding academic offerings, campus construction
    29:50-31:50 Characterization of Martin's personality
    31:50-32:30 Description of Martin's philosophy of education
    32:30-34:20 Comparison of Martin with other university presidents: Doran, Thompson, Dickey
    34:20-35:10 Highlights of Martin's presidency, achieving university status, growth of student body and academic offerings
    35:10-35:20 Moore's working relationship with Martin
    35:20-35:45 Comparison of Martin and J.C. Powell, Moore's lack of knowledge to make a comparison
    35:45-37:40 Greatest change in Eastern during Moore's association with the institution
    End of interview
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