Interview with James Burnett

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Mr. James Burnett is a native Kentuckian and he was a classmate of Robert R. Martin during the 1930's. He attended Eastern from 1930-34. After graduating from Eastern, he became a teacher, coach, and administrator in Shelbyville for over forty years. Mr. Burnett knew Dr. Robert Martin, although relatively little, during those depression years as a student.


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Interview with James Burnett

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Ellis, William E.


Burnett, James


Shelbyville, KY

Time Summary

0-0:50 Interviewer's Introduction
0:02:10 Pause in tape
02:10-11:50 Mr. Burnett reflects on his early background, and why he attended Eastern. He talks about Eastern during the 1930's registration, sports, social life.
11:50-13:35 Burnett remembers his freshman year.
13:35-15:10 The number of students who failed at Eastern, and Eastern's high standards
15:10-45:20 Burnett reflects on former Eastern faculty members- Dr. Donovan, Dr. Jones, Emma Case, Dr. Keith, Mrs. Keith, Dr. Adams, Dr. Ferrell, Dr. Doris, Dr. Richards, Dr. Farris, Dr. Coates, Tom Samuels, Dr. Hummel, Dr. Denison, Dr. McKinney, Thomas McDonough, Dr. Keen, Dr. Gumbert, Dr. Cox, Miss Crick, Dr. Rumbell, Ms. Hood, Dr. Clark, Smith Park, Dr. Engle, Liza Hanson, Mr. Portwood, George Emby, Dr. Cuff, Dr. Carter, Dr. Kennamer, Ms. Gibson, Dr. Coell, Richard Edwards, Turkey Hughes, Mr. Rankin, Dr. VanPuersem, Anna Sneed, Dr. Herndon
45:25-46:40 Mr. Burnett reflects on an incident with Dr. Donovan
46:40 End of Side 1
0-2:20 Continuation of Dr. Donovan story
02:20-06:35 Burnett reflects on his activities as a student; athletics, social activities, clubs.
06:35-09:40 Burnett remembers Dr. Martin as a student and his relationship with Dr. Donovan
09:40-16:20 Burnett recalls the other students he knew at Eastern. Dedication of the Weaver Building.
16:20-18:0 Conflicts among students and teachers
18:0-42:0 Burnett talks about other students and teachers he knew
42:0-45:0 Burnett evaluates Eastern's growth
45:0 End of Second Side
0:0-35:0 Burnett recalls his personal experiences from 1930-34 and he details the physical growth of Eastern. Burnett also briefly recalls his teaching, coaching, and administrative experience in Shelbyville.





“Interview with James Burnett,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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