Interview with Casey & Thelma Morton

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1977 OH 037




Mr. Casey and Mrs. Thelma Morton attended EKU during the 1930's. They recollect about their years at Eastern and their friendship with Dr. Robert R. Martin during those Depression years.


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Interview with Casey & Thelma Morton

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Ellis, William E.


Morton, Casey
Morton, Thelma


Richmond, KY



Time Summary

0-5 Introduction
28-56 Introductions of Casey and Thelma Morton; dates of attendance at Eastern and reasons for their attendance
56-108 Initial impressions of Eastern and Richmond
108-155 Recollections of the effects of the Depression
155-184 Recollections of campus life in the 1930's.
185-204 Recollections of Eastern's physical plant and campus
204-272 Jobs for students on campus and in Richmond; types of examinations given by Eastern's faculty; faculty members remembered by the Mortons
272-495 Recollections of campus life; frequency that students went home; other faculty members remembered by the Mortons
522-819 Recollections of Dr. Donovan; requirement to attend chapel and commencement programs; other faculty members recalled by the Mortons; quality of the academic programs and instruction at Eastern; behavior of Eastern students was very good; popularity of sporting events on the campus; campus activities and clubs; scarcity of newspapers, radios, magazines on campus
End of side one
0-21 Repeat of the end of side one
21-134 Social activities on the campus and in Richmond; trip to Frankfort concerning equalization bill; trip to juvenile reformatory
134-151 Other courses and teachers enjoyed by the Mortons
151-172 Recollections of Bob Martin
172-235 Recollections of other students
257-335 Geographical area from which Eastern attracted students; other students remembered by the Mortons
335-371 Impressions of Eastern today; comparison with the institution when they attended in the 1930's
371-399 Concluding Comments
End of interview





“Interview with Casey & Thelma Morton,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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