Interview with Russell Todd

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Mr. Russell Todd was born in 1901 and attended Berea College. He received his D.D.S. at the University of Louisville. He is a dentist living in Richmond, Kentucky. Mr. Todd has written numerous articles and the book This Is Boone Country. He has served on the EKU Board of Regents.


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Interview with Russell Todd

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Ellis, William E.


Todd, Russell


Richmond, KY



Time Summary

00:10-00:45 Introduction
1:35-6:55 Todd's appointment to Eastern's Board of Regents ; Supporters felt he had 'proper background', member of Richmond City Board of Education, Berea College Board of Trustees; had an interest in education and a knowledge of school finance. His selection apparently had little to do with politics.
6:55-8:00 Impressions of Dr. Donovan and Dr. O'Donnell
8:00-10:20 Major changes at Eastern from mid-1920's up to 1960
10:20-20:45 Todd's recollections of events surrounding selection of Martin as President of Eastern. Todd's initial impression of Martin. Board of Regents meeting at which Martin was elected. Todd's support of Martin's outline for Eastern's development; impressed by Martin's foresight.
20:45-28:20 Martin's relationship with the Board of Regents; development of Arlington Association and Eastern Kentucky University Foundation- initially opposed by some Board members. Involvement and participation of Board members. Todd's participation on, and opinion of the Council on Public Higher Education
28:20-30:10 Lack of any strong jealousies or rivalries among the regional institutions and the University of Kentucky as expressed in the Council on Public Higher Education
30:10-35:20 Most important changes that occurred at Eastern while Todd was on the Board of Regents; lack of any disappointments for Todd while he served on Board. Todd expressed some reservations about allowing fraternities and sororities on campus
35:20-36 Role of politics in Kentucky education
36-38:55 Martin's relationship with Bert Combs; Edward Breathitt; Louie Nunn
38:55-41:25 Relatively small degree of student protest at Eastern
41:25-44:30 Martin's relationship with other Kentucky educators: Wendell Butler, Adron Doran
44:30-46:40 Martin's strengths as an administrator; superbly trained and experienced
1:10-3:00 Martin's relationship with the press
3:0-5:20 Comparison of Martin with other Kentucky college presidents
5:20-7:05 Characterization of Martin's personality
7:05-8:15 Relationship with Martin since Todd left the Board of Regents
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