Interview with J.C. Powell

  • Identifier1977 OH 022
  • Date8/20/1977
  • IntervieweePowell, J.C.
  • LocationRichmond, KY
  • Time Summary0-120 Introductory remarks by Vice-President Rowlett; introduction of Dr. Powell
    120-145 Introductory remarks by Dr. Powell, greeting of new faculty members; external developments that concern the University
    145-224 Recent adoption by Council on Higher Education of mission statements and extension of Council's authority to include undergraduate degree programs, increased role of Council in implementing coordinated system of higher education in Kentucky. Eastern's mission statement; potential impact upon the University; Council claims that the effect will not be restrictive, but Registry of Degree Programs has potential for significant impact upon academic programs, University's future is what the faculty and administration can make for it.
    224-242 Council's regulations for extended campus offerings. Fifty of the University's proposed offerings have been objected to by the other universities.
    243-332 Council's processing of university's request for appropriations for next biennium. Council prescribes format, reviews request, and forwards request to the Governor with its recommendations, development of university's request, expansion in three areas: faculty salary adjustments, planning council, academic programs as contained in institutional plan; request for increased funds for research, student services, records management, Perkins building operating funds, funds for hourly staff workers.
    332-402 Internal developments in the university; approval by Board of Regents of Planning Council; areas in which it will concentrate its efforts; review of academic programs, organizational structure, operations
    402-438 Efforts of Retention Study committee; Dr. Powell's interest in activities of Retention Study committee. Urges faculty cooperation and interest in this study.
    438-460 Importance of advising in academic process; best wishes for a successful, productive academic year.
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