Interview with Mrs. Charles Whitman

  • Identifier1977 OH 021
  • Date8/23/1977
  • InterviewerSmith, David
  • IntervieweeWhitman, Charles, Mrs.
  • DescriptionMrs. Charles Whitman was born in Lincoln County Kentucky. She is the sister of Robert R. Martin, former President of EKU.
  • LocationColumbus, OH
  • Time Summary0-22 Martin's birthdate; age relationship to other children in the Martin family. Mrs. Whitman, two years older, had the responsibility for looking after him. Martin was very popular as a child.
    23-60 Martin's father owned a flour mill, but sold it and purchased a farm. Martin's first year of school was spent at a country school, but the children later attended school in Stanford. A speech impairment proved to be a slight handicap for Martin in his first years of school. Martin's family moved often as Mr. Martin was often trading in real estate. Children rode to town in a horse and buggy until the seventh or eighth grade.
    61-103 Martin was a good student and he seemed to have a photographic memory; he made A;s in his subjects with little apparent difficulty. Anecdote concerning writing contest. Martin was active in debating, but he didn't participate in athletics as he was very thin and chores at home necessitated his presence there after school. The Martin children provided their own entertainment; horseback riding, races, ballgames, swimming, checkers, and Rook, the only card game they were allowed to play.
    103-143 Martin was rather quiet and was not particularly interested in girls. The Martins' encouraged their children to obtain the best education that they possibly could. Martin enjoyed debating, arguing, and practical jokes. Anecdotes concerning horse-riding and corn planting.
    144-241 The Depression caused the Martins' to lose their property in Lincoln County and in early 1930 they moved to Madison County. Bob stayed in Lincoln County to finish his last year of high school. In late 1930, Martin entered Eastern and had just enough money to pay his entrance fees and transportation costs.
    242-282 Mrs. Whitman's recollections of Eastern in the early 1930's; student body numbered approximately 150. Martin was elected president of his senior class and began his teaching career after graduation and volunteered for the Army during World War II.
    283-313 Martin saw a need for better education in Kentucky and set out to do something about it. Their mother hoped that one of her children would do something outstanding and Martin's accomplishments would have made her very proud. Mrs. Whitman is proud to be his sister. He is always planning or looking forward to bigger and better things and he is still planning to do something worthwhile with his life, even though he has retired.
    314 End of tape
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