Interview with Richard Wilson

  • Identifier1977 OH 018
  • Date4/18/1977
  • InterviewerFraas, Elizabeth (Libby)
  • IntervieweeWilson, Richard
  • DescriptionMr. Richard Wilson works as the educational feature writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal. He is familiar with Dr. Martin's career and relationship with the press.
  • LocationFrankfort, KY
  • Time Summary1-4 Introduction
    23-34 Personal and professional relationship with Martin
    34-59 Disagreements between Martin and the Louisville Courier-Journal's editorial page
    59-67 Martin's reaction to story on censure of student regent by EKU's Board of Regents in 1969
    67-92 Martin's reaction to Sedler's handling of coed's suit against EKU for sex discrimination
    92-104 Martin's relationship with UK
    104-114 Martin's intellect and pursuit of EKU's interests
    114-124 UK's community colleges
    124-14- Martin's ability to foresee new programs
    140-185 Shift toward technological programs
    185-200 History of Council on Public Higher education
    200-224 Role of regional universities
    224-239 Martin's relationship with CPHE
    239-252 Martin's role in financing higher education
    252-260 Martin's disagreements with CPHE's decision
    260-272 University of Louisville's entry into state system
    272-304 Merger of Chase Law School with Northern Kentucky University
    304-335 Politics in public higher education
    335-395 How college presidents are selected
    395-408 Martin as a lobbyist
    408-428 Martin's reaction to super board proposal
    428-462 Martin's influence in political world
    463-476 Martin's relationship with Kentucky governors; Combs and Breathitt
    476-492 University status for regional colleges
    493-501 Relationship with Governor Nunn
    501-528 Relationship with Governor Ford
    528-531 Relationship with Governor Carroll
    531-549 Comparison of Adron Doran and Robert Martin
    549-577 Martin as architect for finance plan for higher education
    577-605 Martin's national stature
    605-623 Comments on Martin's run for state senator
    623-634 Comments on how Martin expressed dissatisfaction with Wilson's story
    634-664 Steve Wilborn incident; comments on Martin's attitudes toward student rights at EKU
    664-678 Relationship between Martin and Eastern Progress
    678-690 Martin's attitude toward student rights
    690-714 Relationship between Martin and presidents of bloc.
    714-743 Relationship between Martin and presidents of regional colleges
    743-791 Anecdotes about Martin
    791-794 End
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