Interview with Carl Perkins

  • Identifier1977 OH 014
  • Date3/16/1977
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweePerkins, Carl
  • DescriptionMr. Carl Perkins served in the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1940. He worked as Knott County attorney from 1941-48. He then served as Counsel of the Kentucky Highway Department in 1948. In 1949 Mr. Perkins was elected to the United States House of Representatives and he served as chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee since 1967.
  • LocationWashington, D.C.
  • Time Summary1-6 Introduction
    11-15 First recollection of Martin
    17-28 Recollections of Martin as Superintendent of Public Instruction
    29-35 Relationship of politics and education in Kentucky; Martin's political effectiveness in achieving educational goals
    35-41 Martin's role in development of Minimum Foundation Program
    42-52 Martin's relationship with Earle Clements
    53-67 Martin's involvement as Combs' campaign manager in gubernatorial race of 1959
    68-83 The "school vote" in Kentucky and their political effectiveness; education in Kentucky
    84-101 Perkins' reaction to Martin's selection as President of Eastern; Martin's qualifications for the Presidency of Eastern
    101-145 Perkins' working relationship with Martin; Martin's educational accomplishment; Martin's participation in, and advocacy of educational legislation
    146-170 Growth of higher education
    170-188 Eastern Kentucky University's contributions to Eastern Kentucky
    188-214 Eastern's contributions in vocational education, law enforcement, allied health programs; Martin's leadership in establishing these programs
    214-240 Influence of federal programs upon higher education; student assistance programs, construction programs; Martin's advocacy of these programs
    241-255 Martin's effectiveness as an administrator; Martin's leadership qualities
    256-287 Perkins' personal and working relationship with Martin
    288-306 Martin's relationship with other Kentucky political leaders; Martin's political abilities
    307-321 Comparison of Martin with other university presidents
    322-351 Perkins' impression of eastern in 1964 when Perkins received an honorary degree; impression of Eastern since 1964
    351-366 Martin's relationship with the press
    367-381 Characterization of Martin's personality
    382-415 Perkins' immpression of Martin's political philosophy
    416-428 Martin's effectiveness as a speaker
    429-445 Martin's leadership qualities
    445-448 Martin's role as a state and national educational leader
    449-464 Perkins' opinion of Martin's candidacy for Kentucky state senate
    464 End of interview
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  • IndexerAaron Moore


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