Interview with Allan Ostar

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Mr. Allan Ostar served as Director of the Joint Office of Institutional Research and the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges from 1958-66. Since 1966 he has been Executive Director of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.


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Interview with Allan Ostar

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Ellis, William E.


Ostar, Allan


Washington, D.C.

Time Summary

0-6 Introduction
24-30 First recollections of Martin
31-43 Functions of American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)
44-63 Martin's philosophy of education; how Martin's life exemplifies the spirit and purpose of state regional universities
64-99 Martin's role in AASCU prior to his election as President of AASCU; Martin's educational and political experience; Martin's involvement with Committee on Federal Relations
99-162 Martin's election to AASCU's board of directors; leadership qualitites, growth of AASCU during Martin's tenure as President; how Martin envisioned growth and development of regional institutions within the nation's system of higher education; growth of EKU; Eastern as a "prototype"regional university
163-185 Martin's sense of humor; Martin's ability to use anecdotes and humor in presenting his views
185-214 Martin's effectiveness and role in attaining favorable Congressional action on educational legislation; Martin's relationship with Carl Perkins; Martin's role in developing educational legislation
215-304 Martin's chief interests in higher education: expanding availability, access to higher education, obtaining increased federal funding for higher education, attention to international education; motivations behind trip to People's Republic of China in 1975
304-316 Martin's selection as President of AASCU
317-352 Martin's leadership of AASCU
353-369 Comparison of Martin's presidency to that of other AASCU presidents
369-439 Interruption
440-456 Martin's role in growth of AASCU; increased stature of the organization, a most effective spokesman for regional universities
457-554 Ostar's conception of the regional university, metamorphosis from single-purpose institution to multi-purpose institution serving wide variety of needs; a regional resource for economic and social development; how EKU met these responsibilities, developed its own missions and goals such as Law Enforcement, Allied Health programs, associate programs; Martin's perceptions of these responsibilities
554-565 Development of similar programs by other AASCU members
565-622 Martin's role in AASCU since his tenure as president of that organization; Martin's visit to Republic of China
622-662 Characterization of Martin's personality
663-684 Martin's role in education
685-708 Martin's ability to work with fellow college presidents
708-742 Reaction to Martin's candidacy for Kentucky State senate
742-781 Summary
782-844 Establishment of AASCU's distinguished alumnus award during Martin's presidency; presentation of award to President Johnson





“Interview with Allan Ostar,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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