Interview with Leonard Press

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From 1952-58 Mr Leonard Press was program supervisor of the University of Kentucky broadcasting service and from 1958-63 he was head of the Department of Radio, Television, and Films. Since 1963 Mr. Press has been Executive Director of Kentucky Education Television Network.


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Interview with Leonard Press

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Fraas, Elizabeth (Libby)


Press, Leonard


Lexington, KY

Time Summary

1-5 Introduction
22-28 First recollection of Martin
28-43 Attitudes of Chandler administration to a state educational network
43-54 Development of Educational Televisiont (EVT) network in Kentucky
54-66 Dr. Martin as early supporter of ETV
66-80 Reflections on first proposal for state ETV network
81-111 Dr. Martin's contributions as a member of Kentucky Educational Television KET Advisory board
111-124 Procuring funds for KET
124-154 Reaction to cutting of funds to KET in 1964
154-190 Lobbying for KET funding
190-225 Dr. Martin builds first campus TV studio
225-251 Competition between UK and regional universities
251-274 Dr. Martin's ideas for KET
274-324 History of higher education "consortium" for development of televised college courses
324-357 Relationship between universities and KET and the use of KET by universities
357-372 Production of courses at universities
372-401 Impressions of Dr. Martin's academic interests
401-433 Dr. Martin's active participation in KET and education related issues
433-464 How Martin expressed opposition to specific proposals
464-483 Martin's relationship with Kentucky governors
484-506 Relationship between politics and education in Kentucky
506-517 Personal relationship with Dr. Martin
517-545 Assessment of Martin's role in KET
545-555 Personal anecdote





“Interview with Leonard Press,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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