Interview with Cornelius Grafton

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1977 OH 010




Mr. Cornelius Grafton is a bond counselor and lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. He worked extensively for Dr. Martin to assume the presidency. Mr. Grafton helped Dr. Martin during the building boom at Eastern during the 1960's


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Interview with Cornelius Grafton

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Ellis, William E.


Grafton, Cornelius


Louisville, KY

Time Summary

0-5 Introduction
6-43 First recollection of Martin; when Martin was associated with Finance office of Department of Education, Martin's association with development of standard form letter concerning issuance of revenue bonds
43-57 Association with Martin when Martin was superintendent of Public Instruction
69-91 Recollections of controversy surrounding Martin's management of Combs' gubernatorial campaign; Martin's effectiveness and contributions to the Combs campaign
91-166 Recollections of Martin's short term as Finance commissioner; Martin may have taken job in order to learn how state finances worked; Martin probably had aspirations to become president of Eastern; evaluation of Martin as Commissioner of Finance
167-175 Grafton's opinion of Martin's political ambitions
176-195 Recollections of Martin's selection as president of Eastern
196-231 Martin's relationship with Bert Combs; Martin's strongest loyalty was to Eastern; no knowledge of Martin's relationship with Carl Perkins
231-397 Relationship with Martin since Martin became president of Eastern, very warm professional relationship; financing of dormitory and academic buildings
397-479 Comparison of Martin with Adron Doran, Kelly Thompson, Frank Woods; competition among regional institutions
479-494 Martin's relationship with state agencies
494-543 No major problems associated with sale of Eastern's bonds
544-617 Relationship between politics and education in Kentucky; benefits to university presidents of some degree of political experience
617-675 Characterization of Martin's personality
676-726 Anecdote concerning Martin
726-822 Martin's influence on education in Kentucky
822-846 Reaction to Martin running for Kentucky State Senate
846-880 Summary
880 End of tape





“Interview with Cornelius Grafton,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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