Interview with Jo Ferguson

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1977 OH 009




Mr Jo Ferguson first served as Commissioner of Economic Security and from 1961-62 he worked on the Governor's Committee on Constitutional revision. Mr. Ferguson has had a private law practice since 1961.


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Interview with Jo Ferguson

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Ellis, William E.


Ferguson, Jo


Louisville, KY

Time Summary

0-6 Introduction
15-20 First recollections of Martin
20-38 Ferguson's association with Martin in campaign of 1955
38-98 Chandler's attempt to remove surplus property division from department of education; association with teacher's retirement system
98-114 Ferguson's opinion, evaluation of Martin's tenure as Superintendent of Public Instruction
114-124 Martin's impact upon Minimum Foundation Program
125-134 Comparison of Martin with Wendell Butler
134-206 Martin's selection and effectiveness as chairman of Combs' Gubernatorial campaign
206-231 Ferguson's opinion of Martin's political ambitions
231-319 Martin's appointment as Commissioner of Finance, effectiveness as Commissioner of Finance; methods of operation, development of revenue bond financing
320-352 Martin's role in the "truck" deal
353-407 Background surrounding Attorney General's opinion concerning selection of a successor to President O'Donnell; Chandler's choice for a successor
407-423 Awareness of Frankfort observors of Martin's desire to become president of Eastern
423-504 Martin's relationship with Kentucky political leaders: Combs, Breathitt, Nunn, Ford, Perkins
504-546 Ferguson's relationship with Martin after Ferguson left state government
546-658 Martin's strong reputation for fiscal management is well-deserved; comparison of fiscal operations among state educational institutions
658-681 Ferguson's impression of Eastern in 1964
681-722 Martin's reputation for fiscal ability among others involved in school financing
722-802 Relationship between education and finance in Kentucky
End of side one
0-26 Martin's relationship with the press, specifically with the Courier-Journal
26-55 Characterization of Martin's personality
55-86 Anecdotes concerning Martin
86-97 Martin's contributions to education in Kentucky
97-117 Ferguson's reaction to Martin's candidacy for state senate
117 End of interview





“Interview with Jo Ferguson,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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