Interview with Frank Dickey

  • Identifier1977 OH 002
  • Date1/5/1977
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeDickey, Frank
  • DescriptionMr. Frank Dickey is a native Kentuckian born in 1917. He received his A.B. from Transylvania, his M.A. from the University of Kentucky, and his Ed.D from Harvard. He began work at the University of Kentucky in 1946, and from 1956-1962 he served as Professor and Dean of Education.
  • LocationWashington, D.C.
  • Duration:56:31
  • Time Summary1-13 First meeting with Bob Martin while Dickey was Dean of Education at University of Kentucky
    13-33 Contacts in the early fifties, certification of teachers, while Martin was part of State Department of Education, Minimum Foundation Program preparation
    33-53 Relationship between Martin, state superintendent of Public Instruction, and Dickey, President of the University of Kentucky
    53-68 Martin's role in developing the minimum foundation program. Martin's knowledge of school finance
    68-85 Martin's conflicts with Governor Chandler while Martin was state superintendent
    85-106 The political nature of the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction a. Dickey's opinion about the office
    106-127 Dickey's reaction to Martin acting as Combs campaign manager in 1959
    127-146 educators' reaction to Martin's appointment as President of Eastern Kentucky State college. The role of Governor Combs
    146-178 Dickey's opinion of the selection process in appointing Kentucky University presidents. The political role of the governors
    178-199 The relationships between Martin as president of Eastern and Dickey as president of UK through 1963. The contact on the Council on Public Higher Education. Limited amount of conflict.
    19-210 Martin's role on the Council on Public Higher Education. Martin's influence in developing better management policies
    210-235 Areas of agreement and disagreement on the Council on Public Higher Education. Amount of graduate work was controversial. Scarcity of resources important
    235-264 conflicts over the control of the Community College System. The ideas of the state colleges. The struggles over control
    264-286 The idea that UK would become predominantly the professional and graduate school for the state discussed in the early sixties
    286-320 Martin's role in integration beginning in the middle fifties
    320-336 Dickey's relationship with Martin after Dickey went to the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities
    336-370 Dickey's opinion of Martin's political activities
    370-394 Martin's reputation among other people in education
    394-483 Blank tape
    483-511 Dickey's opinion of Martin's abilities and performance. Martin's contact with president Donovan
    511-527 Martin's relationship with Kentucky's Governors
    527-551 Martin's philosophy of education
    551-594 Dickey characterizes Martin's personality
    594-625 Anecdotes about Martin
    625-643 Martin's role in Kentucky education
    643-663 Martin and the presidency of the University of Kentucky
    663-682 Close personal relationship with Martin. The importance of Mrs. Martin in Dr. Martin's career
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