Interview with Richard Van Hoose & Marvin Dodson

  • Identifier: 1976 OH 011
  • Date: 12/17/1976
  • Interviewer: Peel, Barry
  • Interviewee: Van Hoose, Richard
  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Duration:
  • Time Summary: 1-4 Introduction
    10-14 First recollections of Martin
    14-24 Relationship with Martin during Martin's term as Superintendent of Public Instruction
    24-31 Martin's expertise in school finance
    31-44 Martin's role in the development and implementation of the Minimum Foundation program
    44-57 Martin's advocacy for federal aid to education
    57-71 Martin's relationship with Carl Perkins; success in obtaining federal funds for Eastern
    71-94 Martin's involvement in politics while superintendent; qualifications for the office
    94-114 relationship with Chandler
    114-141 Martin's effectiveness in aiding Kentucky Education Association (KEA); relationship with KEA
    142-169 Assessment of Martin as superintendent of Public Instruction; Martin's expertise in school finance Van Hoose
    169-175 First recollections of Martin
    176-184 assessment of Martin as Superintendent; reaction of superintendents in general to Martin's term as Superintendent
    184-241 Martin's response to Brown decision; attitude toward desegration; Martin's policy of allowing local boards a large degree of autonomy in resolving problems connected with desegregation
    241-263 Martin's advocac y for federal funding; Martin's unsuccessful attempt while superintendent to finance school construction through the use of state bonds
    263-275 Martin's relationship with Jefferson County
    276-285 Martin's role in developing educational television in Kentucky
    285-293 Martin's relationship with Jefferson County
    294-322 Relationsihip with Martin in drafting and implementing foundation program; disagreement with Martin over failure to include research funds in Minimum Foundation program
    322-362 Relationship between poitics and education; extent that politics intruded in Department's decisions; Martin's proposal to make supertintendent an appointive office Dodson
    363-390 Martin's attempts to reverse flight of teachers from Kentucky; attempts to upgrade teachers' salaries; Martin's philosophy of education; effectiveness as an administrator Van Hoose
    402-429 Martin's philosophy of education; effectiveness as an administrator; Martin's response to Sputnik; his defense support of American education system; call for increased financial support Dodson
    451-461 Martin's defense of educational system in response to light of criticism generated by Sputnik Van Hoose
    461-471 Martin's call for increased financial support of Minimum Foundation Program
    471-519 Martin's effectiveness as administrator at Eastern; temendous development of physical plant Dodson
    519-537 Need for Council on Public Higher Education to coordinate system of public higher education in Kentucky Van Hoose
    610-613 Martin's ambitions; qualifications for Governor Dodson
    613-628 Anecdote concerning Martin and Clements; summary, attributes of Martin's character Van Hoose
    653-697 Summary, Martin's historical place in Kentucky education and politics
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