Interview with Richard Van Hoose & Marvin Dodson

  • Identifier1976 OH 011
  • Date12/17/1976
  • InterviewerPeel, Barry
  • IntervieweeDodson, Marvin
  • DescriptionRichard Van Hoose is a native Kentucky born in 1910. He received his A.B. from Georgetown and his M.A. from the University of Kentucky in education. From 1933-34. Mr Van Hoose worked in Franklin County and Frankfort as a teacher and principal. He then held the position of Superintendent of Anchorage schools from 1943-46; principal and recreation director in Jefferson County from 1946-48; director of Instruction from 1948-50 and superintendent of Jefferson County schools throughout the 1950's and 1960's.

    Mr. Marvin Dodson is a native Kentuckian. He received his a.B. and M.A. from Western Kentucky University. He served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent at Hart County schools. He also served as superintendent at Horse cave. Mr. Dodson later worked as director of Pupil Transportation, director of Public Relations in the department of Education, and as Executive Secretary of the Kentucky Educational Association.
  • LocationLouisville, KY
  • Time Summary1-4 Introduction
    10-14 First recollections of Martin
    14-24 Relationship with Martin during Martin's term as Superintendent of Public Instruction
    24-31 Martin's expertise in school finance
    31-44 Martin's role in the development and implementation of the Minimum Foundation program
    44-57 Martin's advocacy for federal aid to education
    57-71 Martin's relationship with Carl Perkins; success in obtaining federal funds for Eastern
    71-94 Martin's involvement in politics while superintendent; qualifications for the office
    94-114 relationship with Chandler
    114-141 Martin's effectiveness in aiding Kentucky Education Association (KEA); relationship with KEA
    142-169 Assessment of Martin as superintendent of Public Instruction; Martin's expertise in school finance Van Hoose
    169-175 First recollections of Martin
    176-184 assessment of Martin as Superintendent; reaction of superintendents in general to Martin's term as Superintendent
    184-241 Martin's response to Brown decision; attitude toward desegration; Martin's policy of allowing local boards a large degree of autonomy in resolving problems connected with desegregation
    241-263 Martin's advocac y for federal funding; Martin's unsuccessful attempt while superintendent to finance school construction through the use of state bonds
    263-275 Martin's relationship with Jefferson County
    276-285 Martin's role in developing educational television in Kentucky
    285-293 Martin's relationship with Jefferson County
    294-322 Relationsihip with Martin in drafting and implementing foundation program; disagreement with Martin over failure to include research funds in Minimum Foundation program
    322-362 Relationship between poitics and education; extent that politics intruded in Department's decisions; Martin's proposal to make supertintendent an appointive office Dodson
    363-390 Martin's attempts to reverse flight of teachers from Kentucky; attempts to upgrade teachers' salaries; Martin's philosophy of education; effectiveness as an administrator Van Hoose
    402-429 Martin's philosophy of education; effectiveness as an administrator; Martin's response to Sputnik; his defense support of American education system; call for increased financial support Dodson
    451-461 Martin's defense of educational system in response to light of criticism generated by Sputnik Van Hoose
    461-471 Martin's call for increased financial support of Minimum Foundation Program
    471-519 Martin's effectiveness as administrator at Eastern; temendous development of physical plant Dodson
    519-537 Need for Council on Public Higher Education to coordinate system of public higher education in Kentucky Van Hoose
    610-613 Martin's ambitions; qualifications for Governor Dodson
    613-628 Anecdote concerning Martin and Clements; summary, attributes of Martin's character Van Hoose
    653-697 Summary, Martin's historical place in Kentucky education and politics
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