Interview with Ellis Hartford

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1976 OH 009




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Interview with Ellis Hartford

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Ellis, William E.


Hartford, Ellis


Lexington, KY



Time Summary

1-11 First acquaintance with Martin after World War II
11-34 Hartford's opinion of Martin as educator and politician a. Martin's role in the Combs campaign
34-40 The useful position of Martin in politics
40-53 Martin's influence in bonding procedures
53-61 Martin's desire to go to Eastern as president
61-85 The relation between politics and education in Kentucky
85-114 Doran as a political-educational figure
114-138 Other educators' reaction to Martin going into politics
138-190 Opinion of Martin as State superintendent of Public Instruction
190-235 The struggle for the minimum foundation program
235-342 Description of the battle to improve Kentucky's relative position in education in the nation
342-370 Martin's role in public school integration in the late fifties
370-418 Martin's philosophy of education
418-465 Martin's interest in technical and vocational programs
465-522 Hartford's reaction to Martin's appointment as president of Eastern, the practices for appointment of other university presidents
522-674 Hartford's relations with Martin while he was secretary of the Council on Public Higher education
674-815 Competition between the state universities and the University of Kentucky
815-917 Political influence in education in Kentucky
1-105 Martin's reaction to the development of the University of Kentucky community college system
105-118 The relation between the community colleges and EKU
118-202 Explanation of movement to create autonomy within the community college system, explanation of the creation of several of the colleges
202-376 Relations with educational leaders: Dickey, Oswald, Thompson, Doran, Wendell Butler, and Otis Singletary
376-540 Relationship with Kentucky's governors: Combs, Breathitt, Nunn, Ford, and Carroll
540-588 description of Martin's personality
588-660 Martin's success in handling finances
660-690 Martin's relationship with KEA
690-764 Martin's sense of humor a. recounts a luncheon in which Ed Prichard and Martin joked with each other
764-922 Martin's interest in history, construction of the one room school house on campus





“Interview with Ellis Hartford,” William H. Berge Oral History Center, accessed May 21, 2018,

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