Interview with A.B. Chandler

  • Identifier: 1976 OH 008
  • Date: 11/29/1976
  • Interviewer: Peel, Barry
  • Interviewee: Chandler, A.B.
  • Description: Albert Chandler is a native Kentuckian born in 1898. He received his A.B. at Transylvania and his L.L.B. at the University of Kentucky. Mr. Chandler served as a Kentucky state senator in 1930 and as Lt. Governor from 1931-35. He served as Governor of Kentucky from 1935-39 and 1955-59. Mr. Chandler served as U.S. senator from 1939-45 and Commissioner of baseball from 1945-51.
  • Location: Versailles, KY
  • Duration:
  • Time Summary: 0-4 Introduction
    11-27 First recollections of Martin
    27-45 Martin's political association with anti-chandler faction; Martin's opinion of 1956 budget submitted to General Assembly
    45-64 Chandler's working relationship with Martin
    64-102 Funding of Minimum Foundation program; Governor's responsibility of drawing up the budget; relations with the General Assembly
    103-130 Chandler's opposition to federal funding of education; disadvantages incurred by Kentucky because of federal taxing and spending policies
    131-199 Integration of Kentucky schools following Brown decision of 1954; problems faced by Chandler in integrating schools; Chandler's decision to allow Jackie Robinson to play professional baseball
    199-248 Chandler's opinion of opposition to Martin's chairmanship of Combs' campaign in 1959; Chandler's recollection of 1959 campaign
    248-330 Martin's "politicization" of many educators in Kentucky; Chandler's opinion of martin's administration in Frankfort and then at Eastern; recollections of student protests of early 70's; Chandler's contribution to higher education in Kentucky
    330-360 Chandler's lack of regard for Martin's political abilities; Political strength of Clements
    359-379 Reasons behind Martin's effectiveness as President of Eastern
    380-492 Clements responsible more than anyone for monies received by Eastern; Chandler's relationship with Clements; Combs, Clements and the truck deal; Martin's discipline and strong management of Eastern
    492-556 excessive competition between regional institutions and UK
    556-658 Comparison of Martin with other Kentucky college and university presidents; Martin's greatest mistake was his political involvements; contributions of Chandler to Kentucky
    658-678 Chandler's personal relationship with Martin
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