Interview with Carol Carraco-Crowe

  • Identifier: 2003oh277
  • Date: 9/21/2000
  • Interviewer: Mefford, Mark
  • Interviewee: Carraco-Crowe, Carol
  • Description: Carol Carraco-Crowe covers several topics, but focuses mainly on her work as a scholar of Kentucky history. Carraco-Crowe was born in Georgia and received all of her post-secondary degrees from the University of Georgia. After obtaining her PhD she moved to Bowling Green to become a professor at Western Kentucky University. Carraco-Crowe, “likes biographies, the story of people… because there is a beginning and an end.” Her work on Mary Breckenridge earned her the most acclaim and she enjoyed researching her life the most. Carraco-Crowe also discusses her teaching experiences at WKU, including the workshops she conducts for student-teachers. Among other accomplishments, she also discusses the role she played in creating the Women’s Studies Program at WKU. Carraco-Crowe thinks that every person obtaining a Bachelor’s degree at a Kentucky institution should have to take a Kentucky history course. Overall, she believes strongly in the value of studying history and emphasizes the benefits of pursuing that discipline.
  • Location: Bowling Green, KY
  • Duration: 1:07:41
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