Interview with James A. Ramage


  • Identifier2003oh276
  • Date8/11/2000
  • InterviewerEllis, William E.
  • IntervieweeRamage, James A.
  • DescriptionThis interview, from the year 2000, covers the life and career of Dr. James A. Ramage, a notable professor of American history at Northern Kentucky University. Dr. Ramage recounts several stories from his early life and explains how he entered the historical field. In particular, he provides a detailed narrative of his education and academic experiences at Murray State University and the University of Kentucky. Dr. Ramage also discusses his primary research interest of pioneer merchants on the frontier, and he talks at length about his dissertation on the famous Kentucky merchant John Wesley Hunt. Dr. Ramage then talks about his entry into the history profession, the job outlook of historical teaching when he started in 1972 as compared to the profession as it is situated in the 20th century. A thorough discussion on teaching and researching history can also be found in the interview. As a professor of history at NKU, Dr. Ramage reflects on the difficulties of the history profession for the individual who chooses this path, such as the challenge of balancing teaching duties with researching and writing monographs (in addition to a crowded job market). Dr. Ramage also addresses institutional challenges such as funding.
  • LocationCold Springs, KY
  • Duration1:02:53
  • RightsContact Special Collections and Archives, Crabbe Library, Eastern Kentucky University for reproductions, rights and permission to publish.


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