Interview with Rick Mosley


  • Identifier2021 OH 344
  • Date7/10/21
  • InterviewerBrock, Katherine
  • IntervieweeMosley, Rick
  • DescriptionRichard Mosley served active duty in the United States Navy from 1989 to 2002, and, at the time of his interview, still serves in the Navy reserves. He describes his military experience through bootcamp, and how the military is designed to break individuals down so that they are forced to trust one another and grow as a group. His biggest take away from bootcamp was positive as he and his friend grew together as a unit. He explained that he and his roommates currently have a close relationship even though they are spread across the States; bootcamp is what created that dynamic. Mosley encourages anyone young coming out of high school or college to join the military because he had such a wonderful comradery with the individuals he served with, the military provides structure, and the resulting goals of trained troops set goals that are bigger than individualism. Mosley expressed his ability to travel the world and blend in because he has traveled the world in the military and learned the ways of the world. He expressed the differences between the military bases and explained that even bases in the United States vary drastically from one base to another. Mosely provides details on what it's like to spend months on end inside a submarine. The tight confinement, routines, drills, time changes, implementation of Zulu time, weather complications, and seeming shut off from any regular personal communication to family seemed to all be wrapped up in the life submariners.
  • Duration :51:34
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