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Jane Hocker, a Garrard County, KY native, moved to Stanford KY in 1925. In this interview, Hocker, discusses her childhood in Garrard County, her married life and her career as an educator. She discusses the future of the county.

In this interview, Bobby Whittaker, Superintendent of Montgomery County, discusses his background and education (EKU Alum), the School Board, and various other topics concerning the school system and the community.

In this interview, Nathaniel Buis, Superintendent in Casey County, discusses his years as a teacher, coach, and as an administrator.

In this interview, J.C. Eddleman, retired Superintendent in Lincoln County, discusses his background, education, and positions held prior to his Superintendent job. He also discusses how he became Superintendent, and the contributions he made.

In this interview, John W. Marsee, former Superintendent of Garrard County Schools, discusses his education, his prior positions, the Marsee family, and his duties as Superintendent. He also comments on problems he faced and other issues.

In this interview, George Francis, Superintendent of Harlan City Schools, discusses his education, influential people, the School Board, and other various aspects of his job as Superintendent.

In this interview, Denver Partin, Former Superintendent of Whitley County Schools, discusses his education, prior educational positions, his reasons for being Superintendent, School Boards, school enrollment, and other issues concerning the system.

Rodney and Viola Gross both discussed their educational backgrounds in this interview. Mrs. Gross was from Danville KY and Mr. Gross was from Dayton OH. He recalled the role as Regent and being a Regent at EKU.

Alfred S. Portwood attended UK and played football, before he came to coach at EKU. In this interview, he comments on various sports cultures, including football, basketball, baseball, and tennis, and the players he coached. He also discusses his EKU…

In this interview, Mary Baldwin, a Richmond Kentucky native, describes being a teacher in Kentucky and Ohio. Baldwin recalls the different places she had lived and the various subjects she taught. She also discusses her fellow EKU teachers, students,…

In this interview, W. Bruce Ayers, editor of the Tri-City News, discusses the routine of operating a newspaper and his interests in being a newsman. He is a professor at Southeast Community College.

Ms. Bernice Thomas, a lifelong resident of Lexington, KY received her early education at Booker T. Washington Elementary School and graduated from Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in 1962. She recalls pleasant memories about her time spent at Dunbar…

Jane Hocker is a Garrard County, KY native, who moved to Stanford KY in 1925. She is a retired teacher, teaching for twenty-five years. In this interview, Hocker, discusses her childhood in Garrard County and her married life in Stanford. She…

Interview Audio Severely Damaged--Thelma Martin is a Stanton, KY native and a retired teacher. In this interview, she discusses where she was raised, and her teaching experiences. She describes the trains and how she relied on it for transportation.
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