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School Superintendent

In this interview, Guy Potts, Superintendent of Fayette County Schools, discusses his educational and teaching background, the school system, and the various components and programs within the school system.

In this interview, Dr. George Overstreet, Superintendent in Daviess County, discusses school board elections, schools in the county, vocational education, and his daily routine as superintendent. He also comments on his personal plans for the future.

In this interview, Ralph Tucker, Superintendent of Breckenridge County School System, discusses school board elections, board members, education, and dicipline in the school system. He also discusses road systems and decision makers in the county.

In this interview, Joseph Anthony, Superintendent in McClean County, discusses his decision to become a superintendent, problems in the schools, and the school population. He also comments on the positive and negative attitudes of the position.

In this interview, Calvin Fulkerson, Assistant School Superintendent of Grayson County School System, discusses the school board, PTA, and dicipline problems in the school system. He also discusses the teachers in the system and transportation.

In this interview, Clifton Banks, Superintendent in Hancock County, discusses the former superintendent, school board, and the problems within the school system. He also comments on his typical workday and his staff of teachers.

In this interview, David Webb, Superintendent on Edmonson County, discusses the school board, issues and concerns of the school system, and the programs in the school system. He also mentions the problem of drugs and alcoholism in the schools.

In this interview, Walter Green, Jr., Superintendent in Taylor County, discusses his background, previous positions, and his decision to become superintendent. He also discusses budgets, drugs & alcohol, and the programs in the school system.

In this interview, Robert Siddens, Superintendent of Cambellsville City School District, discusses his personal background, wanting to become a superintendent, concerns and issues of parents in the school system, and the many programs in the schools.

In this interview, Robert Robertson, Superintendent in Marion County, discusses his background, the school board, and his decision to become a superintendent. He also discusses problems and issues in the system, as well as school test scores and teachers.

In this interview, Bob Buchanan, Superintendent in McCracken County, discusses his education and previous position, the way he spends his time, and how a superintendent is more political than educational.

In this interview, Supervisers of Public Instruction for Anderson County School System, discuss their backgrounds, the school board and elections, and collective bargaining. They further discuss vocational education and the administrative staff.

In this interview, Kenneth King, Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, pros and cons of being Superintendent, the School Board, lack of dedication by teachers, athletics, and the negative aspects to his job.

In this interview, William Davis, Superintendent of Estill County Schools, discusses his decision to become Superintendent, the county and city merger, his daily responsibilities, the School Board, vocational school, and the system's enrollment.

In this interview, Denver Partin, Former Superintendent of Whitley County Schools, discusses his education, prior educational positions, his reasons for being Superintendent, School Boards, school enrollment, and other issues concerning the system.

In this interview, Clarence Bates, Superintendent of Wayne County Schools, discusses his background and education, prior positions held,and his lifetime of education. He also comments on school boards, problems he has faced, and how he spends the majorit

In this interview, William Hall, Retired Assistant Superintendent of Laurel County Schools, discusses his background and education, problems of the Superintendent, the School Board, and his decision to leave Letcher County. He also comments on the proble

In this interview, Ralph Nevels, Superintendent of McCreary County Schools, discusses his background and education, School Boards and Elections, the major problems of his school system, and his duties. He also comments on Union College, relations with peo

In this interview, Robert Polston, School Superintendent of Clinton County, relfects on his 25 years in this position and offers his opinions on the progress of Clinton County.

In this interview, Myron Worley, Editor of the Pioneer News, discusses the history of the Pioneer News, the type of news that is printed in the paper, and the paper's editorial policy. He also discusses many issues in the county, major decision makers, and the "power of the press".

In this interview, Michael Patton, Editor of the Allen County News, discusses his early life and education, why the paper is successful, and the problems and pressures of a small-town newspaper. He also discusses many county decision makers and community issues

In this interview, Jo Westpheling, Editor of the Hickman Courier, discusses many issues in the community including school boards and judges.

In this interview, Austin Wenz, a Mason County native, details his family history, education, the reasons he entered into politics and the offices he has held. Interview topics include conversations over the predominantly farming population of Mason County, the Judicial Referendum and a comparison of the old and new systems, the positive roads,…

This interview details Dale Roberts' personal background, education, Baptist ministry service and his opinions on the Judge Executive position in Owsley County. Other topics include the newly constructed court house, the county jail, elderly housing, President Jimmy Carter, and election campaigns. Roberts viewed garbage collection, housing, and…

In this interivew, Ira Bell, a 1928 EKU alumni, comments on his 38 year tenure as superintendent in Wayne County and the consolidation of Wayne county high schools. He also discusses his time at EKU, school board elections, changes in the student demographics, and his run for judge in 1969.

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