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Doug Pugh shares his extensive memories of horses, including some horse show experiences, and the important role that horses have played in the community through time, which have included, amongst many things, Horse Show fundraising benefits for the community. Pugh also comments extensively on the importance of preserving breeding histories, the…

Jeff Miller of Great Horse Stables in Bowling Green KY, and Jane Gean of Dream Catcher Enterprises in Lexington KY, discuss their memories of Rocky Mountain Horses and the horse loving lifestyle that they fell in love with once moving to the Appalachian region. In particular, Miller and Gean share their stories of traveling the backroads of Eastern…

Mark and Cheryl Martin discuss their deep connection with Appalachia and the integral role that Mountain Horses have played in the region through time. They also comment on natural horsemanship training techniques and the therapeutic benefits of horses for military veterans and the handicapped.
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