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In this interview, which is actually a lecture for the EKU Mass Communication Department, Allison relates his experiences in the radio business. He expresses his opinions on what makes for a good radio station, the corresponding work demands, and…

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In this interview, Billy Martin discusses his reasons for running for Judge Executive, the Judicial Referendum, and his personal relationship with Governors Carroll and Ford. Martin concludes that he faced community and news media slander while…

This interview details Terrill Flanagan's education, military service, and role in the Russell County Democratic Party. He was the first Democrat to be elected as Judge Executive since the Judicial Referendum. Topics include his reasons for entering…

Cadet Keith Lynch is a Louisville, KY native and a US Army Ranger, who did two tours securing the island of Grenada in 1983. In this interview, Lynch, discusses some of his attitudes and experiences relating to the Grenada invasion.
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