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Timothy Gruber details his time in the United States Army. In particular, Gruber comments on his deployments to Iraq and Kuwait, being injured and awarded a Purple Heart, as well as coming home and dealing with PTSD. He also comments on being honorably discharged because on the complications he experienced with PTSD.

Joseph Meyers recounts his decision to enlist, his time in basic training, and his deployment to Iraq. He discusses his drill instructors and thier teaching methods, his job as an engineer, creating boobytraps, being deplpoyed to Iraq, and running convoy operations. He explains the pain of losing a fellow solider and the impact it had on him.…

Holdbrook MacArthur details joining the military as an older recruit, the positions he held, and the challenges he faced. He also discusses being an immigrant who enlisted, his transition after being discharged, the classes you are required to take, and the path of service he took on after leaving the Armed Forces.
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